Get to Know the Shore


Life Before Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa

Our first tourist

Back in 1608, Captain John Smith, the first English explorer to map the Chesapeake, made camp very close to the location that is now Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa. Taken with the bay's natural beauty, he wrote a glowing description of the area's surrounding gleaming cliffs. He was equally impressed with the area's abundant seafood.

Connecting Baltimore and DC to sun and fun

The Chesapeake Beach Railway Company completed the railway and the original resort staged its grand opening in 1900. From that year through 1930, eager vacationers were transported to all the relaxing pleasures a beach retreat could offer, including a boardwalk, park, bandstand, games, casino, restaurants, carousel and roller coaster. While Chesapeake Beach Railway’s last train ran in 1935, the amusements from the original resort remained open until 1972.