Community Involvement

We’re more than a destination. We’re a resource.

We wake up every day on a mission to make our guests the happiest on the Western Shore. But we’re also residents here, and the other important part of our job is to be productive members of our community.

Our team members regularly support a number of charitable organizations—in the form of volunteering, sponsoring food drives, nursing home parties, adopt-a-highway events, charitable races, and donating goods and in-kind services.

Guidelines for submitting community service requests

Although we’re happy to help where we can be of the most service, we receive a high volume of requests and unfortunately cannot respond favorably to every one of them. We place priority on organizations within our immediate local community.

Please review these charitable service guidelines before completing your service request form:

· Submit your request at least 90 days prior to your sponsorship or donation deadline.

· Make sure you fill out form completely.

· Applications are limited to one per calendar year per organization